Get Connected

I don’t remember the first time I heard “your network is your net worth” but I thought it was corny. Who says stuff like that? Seriously. I didn’t really understand what it meant either. Now I know it’s true. It’s still corny but yes your NETWORK is what you build your foundation on. I can tell you it’s saved me, more than once.

Being connected is more than just exchanging numbers and adding someone on social media. It’s about building relationships, learning about the other person and what they hope to achieve in life. It’s about helping each other. That is what we need more of in this world.

So welcome to Get Connected with Kelly. I want to connect you with all of the good things: Food, Music, Travel and Conversations. OH THE CONVERSATIONS!  We are going to talk to some of your favorite friends and find out how they are connected… to each other… to the music industry…and to the unexpected.

Let me know how we can get connected! It’s gonna be so much fun!!!

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