Connecting with Chris Young

When I started thinking about people I’ve connected with in Nashville, I realized how lucky I am.   There are so many incredible people in this town I consider friends.  One of those is Chris Young.  It’s crazy to think we met when he was a TEENAGER. (Insert crazy eye emoji here.)

Chris is one of those rare people who just knew from a super young age what he was meant to do.  He started singing and playing guitar in his early teen years and before you know it he was in talent shows and on stage at fairs and festivals.  I met Chris when he was  a featured performer at “Uncle Dave Macon Days”.  He came on the tv show I was hosting to perform and promote the event.

Y’all I completely forgot that is where we met for the first time.  HE was the one who told me. (To be fair I had to get up at 2 am to host that morning show everyday so I don’t remember a lot of about those days 😂)

Now Chris is a huge star… A member of the Grand Ole Opry, CMT and CMA award winner and his music is played everywhere.

I caught up with Chris to chat about his new song “If that Ain’t God”.  Of course we got sidetracked and talked about a dozen  other things, including his new podcast and what it felt like to get tested for COVID-19.

Hope you enjoy my chat with Chris!

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