Russell D. Won 2020


Russell Dickerson had an amazing 2020. There aren’t many people who can claim that. He had a baby, released an album and scored two #1 hits. Pretty great, right?

In a recent episode of Connected with Kelly, we talked about how life with his son Remington has changed who he is and how he listens to his songs.  RD says now his favorite time of day is in the morning.

Russell told me unwrapping little Remy from a swaddle and watching him stretch is the best thing ever.  These sweet moments may not have been possible if 2020 hadn’t been so strange.

Tour plans had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. That allowed Russell and his wife Kailey to enjoy baby boy at home instead of on a tour bus. Truly a silver lining to an otherwise messed up year.

Check out the episode to find out what song on the new album Southern Symphony puts Remington to sleep, and learn what has Russell excited for the new year.




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