Kimberly Gets Personal

There are few people sweeter than Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman. She absolutely exudes kindness.

Kimberly has been through a lot of grief in her life. She lost her first husband to a heart attack and a brother-in-law to a motorcycle accident.

She recently talked with me about infertility and miscarriages she says were previously “a secret” to almost everyone. None of these things could steal her joy.

Kimberly’s first children’s book “A Dolly For Christmas” is out now and she told me all about it in a recent episode of “Connected with Kelly”.

It’s the adoption story of her daughter “Dolly” as told through her eldest daughter, Daisy’s eyes. Kimberly says it was a real-life
Christmas miracle and she hopes it will inspire kids and adults to never give up hope.

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