3 1/2 Weeks After The Bombing

2nd Ave just two weeks before Christmas.

It’s been less than a month since the Christmas morning bombing in Nashville.  And while the story might be out of the headlines, it’s not out of our hearts and minds.  I want to make sure we stay connected with the ongoing needs until we can go downtown and celebrate the rebuilding!

If you haven’t seen my recent episode of Connected with Kelly featuring 2nd Avenue Survivors Betsy Williams and Buck McCoy I encourage you to spend some time hearing their stories.


Here are several ways you can help residents and employees downtown get back on their feet!

Amazon Wishlist for the Community Resource Center Employees -Betsy Williams and custodial staff -Buck McCoy -Beer Sellar Staff -Lonnie’s -Buffalo’s Staff -Dick’s Last Resort -Other small businesses – Nashville Ink employees

Praying for our country.
Praying for my city.
Praying for us all.

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