The Other Side of the Microphone

I’ve spent a lot of time putting my microphone in front of other people and asking them questions.  It’s something that feels very natural to me at this point.  Someone asking ME questions?  That’s kind of strange!

But that’s exactly what my friend and fellow Nashville media personality Billy Dukes did recently, when he interviewed me for his Country Music Media Podcast. We dug into how and why I launched my new You Tube Series, why I don’t put all my media eggs in one basket, and what we’ve got coming up on the show.  There’s some real talk about the hard lessons I have learned working for big companies and why I am choosing to do this on my own.  Bonus – we also shared some behind the scenes scoop on music industry parties, where showing up late is right on time.

Billy described this episode as “survival guide for a modern music journalist” but I call it a whole lot of fun!  Here’s a link to listen to me on the other side of the microphone – if you are interested in the business side of the music business, make sure you subscribe to Billy’s podcast on your preferred platform.

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